What’s special about Online Cockfighting Betting at New88?




Thanks to the rapid development of the technological age, most types of online betting are increasingly flourishing. Therein lies the form online cockfighting betting is on the verge of strong growth.
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Although this type is very popular, some new players really do not understand this subject well. Therefore, in the following article we will help you better understand the famous type of cockfighting betting in Vietnam Bookmaker New88.

What is online cockfighting betting at bookmaker New88?

Cockfighting betting at the New88 bookmaker is also known by the common name New88 online cockfighting or online cockfighting at the New88 bookmaker… This is a form of betting through cocks like football betting. online soccer.

New88 bookmaker’s staff will be responsible for linking with cockfighting arenas to broadcast all matches live through modern technology. It can be said that the image quality for cock fighting matches is quite unique and clear, not inferior to going to the cock ring to watch the fight with your own eyes.

And through these broadcast matches, bettors at bookmaker New88 will make bets online cockfighting betting. From here, they will increase the attractiveness and look for opportunities to win the highest bets from cockfights.

General information about online cockfighting betting game

Below we will provide you with details of the 3 types of bets and 4 forms of cockfighting that bookmaker New88 is offering. Detail:

3 types of online cockfighting betting

New88 is currently offering 3 attractive types of online cockfighting betting as follows:

  • Meron: Is a form of betting on the house winning. This side’s odds will be lower because the winning rate is higher.
  • Wala: A form of betting on the winning side of the guest’s cock. The odds will be higher than the house’s, so the chance of winning is much lower.
  • BDD: This is a form of betting on a draw on both sides. The robbery rate of this door is quite high, but the possibility of a draw is extremely difficult. Because in almost every chicken fight, once the chicken has fought, there is only a win or loss because this animal is quite arrogant.

4 popular types of cockfighting

New88 offers a variety of types online cockfighting betting, specifically, there are 4 types worth watching:

  • American cockfighting: Satisfying emotions for cockfights
  • Knife fighting cockfighting: These are fighting cocks that have the ability to fight strongly and defeat opponents in just a few blows.
  • Breed cockfighting: One of the traditional forms of cockfighting competition that has a strict level of inspection in all aspects, but there are not many of these matches.
  • Peruvian cockfighting: These are cockfights that show off many standard and good moves, always creating an attraction to watch and the betting rate is also relatively high.

Commonly used terms in New88 cockfighting

To online cockfighting betting With New88, players need to understand the basic terms:

  • “One cross – one move”: Just like a martial arts match, cockfighting will also be divided into rounds and each round will be called a cross or a move.
  • “Bring water to the cocks”: Is a term that means that after each round of cockfighting, the fighting cocks have an additional 5 minutes of rest time.

From the above terms, we will better understand the principles and rules of online cockfighting.

Advantages of participating in the online cockfighting betting game New88

Below we will list some outstanding advantages when you participate in cockfighting betting at New88 as follows:

Flexible and easy to participate

When players join online cockfighting betting It won’t take time to get to the cockfighting arena. Bettors only need to have a smart device connected to the internet to be able to bet anytime they like.
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Absolutely confidential and safe

When we participate in online cockfighting, all operations and actions are done through a phone or computer with an internet connection. So no one knows what you are doing. That’s why this form of playing is extremely safe and is never touched by the law.

Easy and quick deposit and withdrawal transactions

As soon as you win an online cockfighting bet, the money will be transferred immediately. If you don’t want to play anymore, you can proactively withdraw money to your bank account. Each transaction only takes a few minutes for the money to arrive in your account.


Hopefully with the content we just provided in the article above. Fellow bettors have learned more about online cockfighting betting in New88 cockfighting. Quickly visit the bookmaker to register and experience this particularly attractive type of betting.

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