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Jun88 himIt is known as the number 1 online betting platform that pleases members in the market. From policies, products to promotions, this bookie is designed in the direction of improving the player experience. Among them, The incentives that the playground offers to members, both new and old, are of great value. Find out about promotions at Jun88 and the accompanying notes to participate.

Some of the most basic information you need to know about the Jun88 platform

Jun88is an online bookmaker that started entering the market in 2006. Operating in the Southeast Asian gambling capital Philippines, the platform is completely legal and sponsored by many reputable organizations. PAGCOR’s reputation is more than enough for you to be completely assured that jun88site will not scam from bet players.

Joining this online entertainment system, you will have access to hundreds of games from more than a dozen different betting halls. Categories such as football betting, online sports, lottery, casino, cockfighting, … all have undeniable attraction. All of them have extremely high win rates and the most attractive payouts in the market.

Jun88 is a platform that receives a lot of attention from the betting community

Introducing promotions not to be missed at Jun88 this summer

Let’s take a look at the promotions that are regularly scheduled by the house for members to participate.

Instant gift of VND 8,888,000 for new members

Members who create an account and make their first deposit to the house will be eligible for this offer. Accordingly, the bonus that you receive will be higher if the deposit is larger. Especially, the highest amount you can receive is up to VND 8,888,000 when you deposit from 300,000 points or more. The bonus amount can be used to play in the sports hall, cockfight, casino, virtual sports and is withdrawn when reaching 3 rounds of betting.

Top up Jun88 for the first time and get it right away8, 888, 000 VND

2nd top-up

If you get too little money the first time, don’t regret it Jun88 will give you the opportunity to make a 2nd deposit with equally great value. The maximum amount you can receive is still8,888,000 VND corresponding to the milestone of 600,000 points. Don’t miss this precious opportunity because you won’t have the 3rd time to participate in such great offer from this platform.

Refund Promotion

Whether the bet wins or loses, the house Jun88 Partially refunded to the player’s account. This is considered a move to encourage you to bet with an unlimited amount, depending on the total bet.

  • With the sports game lobby, players will receive a refund from 0.4% to 1%, the refund can be calculated on a weekly or daily basis.
  • The casino gaming lounge is equally attractive, with cashback offers ranging from 0.4% to 0.8%. Whether a player participates in playing Poker, Tai Sieu, Xoc Disc with a small amount or a lot, the house’s system will make statistics and return the member account wallet.
  • In the card game lobby at Jun88, players will receive a minimum refund of 0.4% to 2%. This is a super high payout, very few bookmakers have a Card Game lobby with such a high return offer.
  • With the Fish Shooting lobby, players will be refunded from 0.9% to 2.5%. This return rate is higher than the Card Game lobby, because the number of members participating in this game lobby is very large. The player’s coin-eating rate is also quite large, making the amount of money players deposit and play in the Fish Shooting lobby overwhelming other games.

Finally, when participating in Chicken Fighting Jun88, players will receive a refund from 0.4% to 1.5%. Although this return rate is lower than that of the Card and Shooting Game lobby, it is still higher than the casino game lobby.

Loss bet insurance

The name of this program says it all as it will help players reduce their losses if they unfortunately fail. This is how Jun88site help you feel more secure about your investment bets. This is a new program appearing on the market and only the most pioneering bookies like Jun88 can quickly update the trend.

30% Cashback

This is a program that applies to all members of the house who deposit from 1000 points or more. Products such as Shooting Fish get 5% back, Cock fighting, Sports, Cards get 3% back, Casino 1% refund. Especially, Explosion Hu offers a loss insurance rate of up to 30% to help you dispel the worry of not having a satisfactory spin.

Insurance every day

Players will receive a refund after the dealer summarizes every 24 hours and sends a confirmation at 1am the next day. You must also be very careful that the daily refund insurance is only reserved for 24 hours and will be lost if you do not click on receive.

Loss insurance is a new offer at Jun88

Here are some of the most special promotions that are regularly offered by the house Jun88 deployment. Let’s đăng kýJun88 account, become one of millions of members of the system and enjoy the above privileges.

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