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HealthTap provides an accessible, speedy way to consult with online doctor via video chat. Their doctors can diagnose your symptoms and issue prescriptions if needed.

Their services have provided much-needed relief to those unable to access medical care. Employers and insurers alike can benefit from this collaboration as it helps reduce unnecessary medical costs.

What Is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a medical group and technology company that provides telehealth virtual healthcare to healthcare consumers, health systems, insurance companies and self-insured employers at no cost. Their free members can access online doctors through web or mobile apps for free consultations.

The company also offers a subscription plan called Prime that includes unlimited consultations with a doctor as well as various additional features. One such AI-augmented symptom checker quickly triages symptoms and provides guidance on what should be done to address them.

Telehealth services allow members to order lab tests, prescriptions and referrals to specialists. Prescriptions can be sent directly to a member’s pharmacy for pickup or sent directly to their home for added convenience.

How Does HealthTap Work?

HealthTap provides users with the convenience of consulting an online doctor at any time. Users can ask questions to doctors who have been prescreened by the company, and get answers within 24 hours.

HealthTap also provides a free online symptom checker called the HealthTap AI that utilizes artificial intelligence to scan symptoms and potential causes to help users triage their condition and decide what type of care is necessary.

HealthTap can then arrange for you to have a virtual visit with a doctor. They will attempt to diagnose your condition and create an individualized healthcare plan tailored specifically for you.

HealthTap doctors not only offer medical advice, but can also write prescriptions and order lab tests. This helps members avoid costly emergency room visits or urgent care clinics as well as reduce travel time to and from their doctor’s office.

Can I See a Doctor on HealthTap?

HealthTap is a medical group and technology company that provides virtual healthcare services. Through its interactive health network and mobile apps, patients can connect with physicians anytime they wish.

The company’s service is available in all states except Alaska and offers access to Urgent Care as well as ongoing Primary Care. It utilizes proprietary technology to match patients with U.S. board-certified doctors who can offer urgent care, specialized diagnosis, prescriptions and lab tests.

On an online visit with a doctor, they will review your symptoms and medical history before providing an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, they will take notes during the conversation for future reference.

HealthTap also features an AI-powered symptom checker to help users determine if they should visit a physician. This helps members avoid unnecessary trips to urgent care centers and emergency rooms, which is beneficial for both patients and health insurers alike.

Start your HealthTap journey today by downloading the app or visiting their website. Book appointments with a doctor for one flat fee per consultation, or subscribe to their Prime plan which includes unlimited visits at a discounted rate.

How Much Does HealthTap Cost?

If you’re searching for an efficient and cost-effective way to consult with an online doctor, HealthTap is a great option. They provide affordable primary care telehealth services to people across America without insurance.

The service charges a flat consultation fee and accepts FSA/HSA payments. Furthermore, it offers coupons that can help users save up to 75% off their prescription costs.

With a subscription to the Prime plan, you’ll gain exclusive access to one doctor and can text them whenever necessary for questions or follow-ups. The fee for this service is $15 per month and charged in three monthly installments.

The service utilizes an advanced AI interface to classify medical problems and recommend doctors most qualified to treat them. It also has informational tools and an online community of doctors who can answer your queries. Furthermore, make sure your insurer covers telehealth services; doing so ensures you’re getting the highest quality care at a price point that works for your budget.

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