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HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is an application protocol that defines the rules for transferring data between computers. It is the basis for the World Wide Web, providing the standard way for web browsers to share and access information. HTTP is the most commonly used protocol to exchange information over the internet. Besides serving as the base for most web sites, it is also an important component of many other systems that rely on the World Wide Web. The full meaning of HTTP can be understood from the following examples.

The term HTTP is derived from the words hypertext and internet. In 1965, Ted Nelson, a computer scientist and member of the Xanadu Project, coined the term. Bush’s idea of creating a memex system was also cited in his 1945 essay. In fact, the original HTTP was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, a British programmer who is also credited with inventing HTML and the web server. Ultimately, his work laid the foundations for the World Wide Web.

HTTP is a request-response protocol that lets users interact with web resources. It sends hypertext messages between web servers and clients. HTTP clients generally use Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections to communicate with one another. This protocol has evolved over time. It is currently used in web browsers and is the basis for the internet. This article discusses the full meaning of HTTP and how it works. There are two versions of HTTP: HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2.

HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) is a client-server communication protocol based on three basic communication primitives: the request and response messages. Each request contains an identifier that is unique to the client. When a client sends a request, it expects to receive a response, which the server will acknowledge by sending the same reply message to the client. A response message contains a similar identifier, but is interpreted differently depending on the client. The basic HTTP protocol is not optimized for small networks and has not been modified since its inception. In addition, it is slower than the User Datagram Protocol, and is not ideal for small networks.

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