Seven English Language Tips for Kids or Beginners




Learning English as a second language can be a difficult task. However, all your work and effort spent learning the language will be worth it once you get the hang of it. Travelling is more pleasurable when you speak English. Additionally, you will not need to wait for the most recent books to be translated into your mother tongue. Here are seven tips for learning English if you are a beginner or are teaching others at a beginner level.

1. Not Just Words

Beginners might feel most at ease listening to and repeating single words, much like kids do when given flashcards. Not very helpful for talkative adult learners. You’ll be able to create sentences and sound natural when you talk if you learn basic speech patterns and phrases. Collocations should be studied immediately. Making breakfast as compared to eating breakfast is not the same thing. The first indicates to complete, whereas the second means to eat. You can excitingly learn vocabulary, like positive words starting with Y or something else.

2. Go For It

Keep trying. There comes the point when you consider stopping whenever you begin something new. However, if something doesn’t work the first time, try again. To stay motivated, consider your incentive for studying English. One student had a granddaughter, for instance, whose mother was British. She wanted to learn English to speak with her granddaughter and daughter-in-law, who both lived in the UK.

3. Exercise

Learning a foreign language is like going to the gym. Only by exercising daily will your muscles get stronger. Language is similar in that practice makes perfect. Spend 15 minutes each day practising your English. You can read a book, play games on your smartphone, listen to a podcast, watch short flicks, or meet up with native speakers for a language exchange.

4. Involve Others

Nothing is more beneficial than involving your loved ones in your educational experience. This new undertaking requires moral support. Therefore the more, the merrier. People will be impressed when you demonstrate what you have learned.

Record a video selfie of you, your family, or your friends introducing yourselves in English. After a month, you can watch the videos once more to see how much your English has improved by doing that each week.

5. Have Fun

It is not at all simple to learn something new. Feeling inadequate and frustrated might be simple to do. Most students who start learning English frequently give up because they become disheartened. It will undoubtedly be simpler if happy feelings are connected to learning. English as a second or foreign language is not easy, but possible. You can learn this type of verb by reading informational blogs about health..

6. Set Goals

You could choose to concentrate on a particular linguistic region with which you identify. It can be beneficial to set goals for language learning in this field. For example, you’ll need to know how to ask for the changing rooms and whether you can pay with a credit card if you wish to shop for clothing in an English-speaking nation.

keep a journal for seven days where you record the things you want to learn. Check your goals at the end of the week to see if you’ve succeeded.

7. Label

Viral Internet TV ads for a whiskey brand and an auction website feature two old men who started learning English for various reasons.. Both short stories use strategies that I believe are crucial for picking up new words . To help two elderly people remember their regular rituals, they have labelled everything in their home.

All the information you require is labelled. Utilize vibrant sticky notes. You Can Become Fluent and better in a New Language by Browsing the Web and chatting online.


It will be simpler for you to speak better English the more you hear. You’ll learn how to communicate your thoughts in English with new conditions and idioms, and you’ll start speaking more easily and confidently in conversations. Just laugh at your errors if you make them. The most crucial things are to enjoy yourself and keep going.

Studying the English language is not simple. It is difficult and challenging. The most thrilling and important task, in my opinion, is learning to communicate in a different language. Being understood by someone is a great feeling.

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