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OKVIP  illustrious reputation as the leading group of bookmakers in the Asian betting market and reaching out to Europe. So how do users rate this entertainment corporation? What outstanding products and services are offered here? What reputable bookies does OKVIP currently own that is storming the gaming community? The answer is right below!

Overview of prestigious entertainment group OKVIP

OKVIP Entertainment Group was formerly a brandTaipei101 – Group in the field of entertainment, online betting top 1 in the market. The brand has been around since 2006, with its headquarters located in the Philippines.

Right from the launch, OKVIP has successfully achieved many prestigious achievements and awards in the industry. Over 17 years of operation, the group has established many big brands such as NEW88, 789BET, Hi88, JUN88, SH BET to help players have more safe choices.

Future, OKVIP will go even further, expanding to many services to meet the entertainment needs of users. This #1 bookmaker alliance is committed to providing gamers with a flawless, unique and reliable online experience.

Players can enjoy an attractive entertainment space with a variety of games such as online casino, sports, card games,… Especially experience the intuitive interface, attractive bonus rate under enthusiastic support. of highly qualified personnel.

OKVIP Group is the ultimate betting entertainment brand

User reviews about OKVIP corporation

With the efforts to improve every day, the corporation always attracts a large number of people to access and experience the service, as evidenced by the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of registered users regularly. At the same time, users also give extremely objective reviews about OKVIP.

  • Diversity of services: Players enjoy an endless entertainment space with many game halls associated with reputable bookmakers, participating in attractive games,…
  • Impressive interface: The team’s interface design team is extremely eye-catching, attractive, and user-friendly, so even newbies can easily integrate.
  • High security: The security mechanism of this entertainment brand is super good, using a high-tech firewall system, MD5 encryption, 128 Bit SSL, PCI DSS so personal data is absolutely not leaked or invaded entered by hackers.
  • Customer care: The Group always focuses on real player experience, thus establishing a professional customer care department with high qualifications, dedicated attitude and multi-channel support.

Products and services OKVIP provides to users

Thanks to its extremely strong financial potential, the corporationOKVIPhave invested in very quality products and services. Participants can freely choose the appropriate genre and according to their preferences for the most perfect experience.

OKVIP products and services provide users with extremely high quality

  • Quality game lobby associated with the leading reputable bookie in the market: Players are free to enjoy up to 24 attractive game halls, each of which will contain impressive games with high payout rates. You can choose Slots Game, Sicbo, Baccarat, xì tố , Roulette, Blackjack, … to try, make money.
  • Attractive gameshow: OKVIP also provides members with a unique gameshow service, doing the task of accumulating points and receiving rewards. Participants need to possess logical thinking, quick problem-solving in many fields such as sports, entertainment, society, …

Which reputable dealer alliance does OKVIP own in the market?

House Union OKVIP owns many professional addresses and ranks at the top of the betting market, attracting the attention of a large number of players. You not only enjoy the endless entertainment environment but also open up many opportunities to get rich quick.

Some bookies belong to OKVIP groupincluding:

  • 789BET: The house is currently at the top of the list of prestigious playgrounds that bettors should visit. Here, bettors can try out popular online casino and card games.
  • NEW88: A place to help participants mingle with interesting games such as lotteries, sports, slots games, card games, … supporting effective money making.
  • JUN88: The ideal destination for the betting community with a variety of arenas, super attractive rewards and a quick payout mechanism of only 3-5 minutes.
  • SHBET: You are immersed in a world-class monumental space, like in the beautiful Las Vegas with many attractive games.
  • Hi88: The address to help bettors earn billions easily with a unique game store.

TheMarket reputable bookmaker of OKVIP group


The above content has helped the betting community to understand the overview of the corporation OKVIP is famous not only Asian betting market but also Europe. The dealer alliance built by the corporation will surely bring players a safe and healthy entertainment space. Quickly click to start the experience today with global players!

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