Natural Wonders of the Modern World




In 2007, the New7Wonders Foundation surveyed tens of millions of people and selected 7 sites as the New Seven Wonders of the World. One of these sites was the Great Pyramid, voted as an honorary wonder. During the vote, the Foundation also asked for public nominations and feedback. As a result, the list now includes the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Listed below are some of the wonders you should see while traveling the world.

The seven wonders of the ancient world were incredible pieces of art and architecture. These ancient monuments can be found in southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Though the majority of the ancient wonders have been destroyed, one still stands. The New7Wonders Foundation compiled a list of seven modern wonders by polling the public. These monuments have all accomplished impressive feats and are worth seeing. However, you may have a hard time choosing just one.

Another natural wonder of the world is the Grand Canyon. This 277-mile long canyon was carved out by the Colorado River, and it is up to 18 miles wide at its widest point. It is 17 million years old and will take your breath away. A breathtaking view of the Northern Lights is another one of the world’s seven wonders. It has captivated travelers to the polar regions for centuries, and is a favorite of landscape photographers.

The sixth wonder of the world was built by Greek sculptor Chares of Lindos, who wanted to honor the ancient city of Rhodes after its victory against the Macedonians. This enormous mausoleum was built from iron beams and frames and was modeled after the Greek god Helios. Its height was 108 feet. Aside from its beauty, it is also a symbol of hope and Christianity.

Despite the numerous theories, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the oldest known wonders of the ancient world. Historians disagree as to its actual location, but what we do know is that they consisted of an ascending series of tiered gardens with overflowing plant life. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are believed to have been located in present day Iraq. It is unknown if they were destroyed at one time or not, but they were mentioned in classical literature.

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