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Writing in English has become an essential part of our lives, especially our professional lives. Many people find it way too hard to write a good piece in English. It is okay to feel this way. Not everyone is good at everything, but you can always try improving it. So if you are planning to work on your English writing skills, then this is the perfect place for you.

Here are some simple tips that you can follow to enhance your writing skills and make people awe over it.

– Make Reading your Habit:

Reading is one of the basic keys to improving writing. So here is the first step for you to improve your English writing skills; make yourself habitual of reading as much as you can. You can also read about essay writing tips. There are multiple blogs available on different websites that can help you enhance your writing skills. You must choose topics of your interest to keep it all fun.

This will help you work on the basics of every aspect of the English language i.e. grammar, vocabulary, tone, style, and sentence structures. In this manner, you can learn different ways to communicate through writing.

– Create your Dictionary:

Learning new words daily to improve your English writing skills is a big YES! Make a habit of searching for at least five to 10 new words on a daily basis and try learning about them. It can also be fun. You can try searching for new words like nouns that start with the letter U.

While learning new words, you can make a notebook of yours and start writing ten new English words daily, along with their meaning and use. After a while, you will be able to call that notebook your custom-made dictionary. It sounds fun, no?

– Learn How to Spell:

English is a language that is full of homophones. It is a must to know the actual spelling of each word. A single misspelling can change the meaning of the entire sentence. For example, writing face instead of phase. Or even if the spelling mistake is not changing the word’s meaning, it will still make it hard for the reader to understand the sentence.

You can try playing spelling bee with anyone you like. You can also make some flashcards to test yourself in your free time. Also, you can search for games. There are many games available on app stores that help you test your spelling with a pinch of fun.

– Work on Your Grammar:

Grammar plays an essential role in English writing. To improve the quality of your English writing, it is important to use punctuation and tenses accurately. Tenses give a tone to your content. Punctuation makes it clear and smooth to understand.

While proofreading your English writing content, make sure to clear the grammatical errors. They are minor and require more focus to catch such mistakes.

– Learn the outlines and paragraphs:

It is necessary to learn the right outlining and paragraphing. You must know the outline and structure for each kind of content.

You must also know what to write in each paragraph and when to transition it. Following are the steps that can help you organise your paragraphs,

  • Topic sentence: the short explanation of your topic.
  • Supporting sentence: sentence to provide more information about the topic
  • Conclusion: the summary of the title and what we have learned from it.

Following these steps can help you organise your paragraphs easily.


Confidence in yourself is a must! You can be perfect at anything, but if you are not confident enough, you can end up losing all such skills. So be confident in what you learn and make it happen. Showcase your skills in front of the world and inspire others with your excellent English writing skills.

There are also multiple sites available with quizzes to rate your writing skills. You can take quizzes according to your level and learn about the area where you lack.

When you are determined to make something happen, you make it happen. The same goes for enhancing your English writing skills. Follow the tips, work on your weak points, and boom! You can be a master of English writing.

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