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The feeling when you have a crush on someone is adorable. You expect nothing but a smile and get happiness from that one’s presence. Reading the above statement may give you a flashback of your first crush in middle school and get you all grinning like that.

The person we catch admiration for is nearly perfect for us. We focus on their good side, and even if they have some of their bad habits, we let them go. We keep thinking about them throughout the day.

But do you want to get stuck here? Anytime soon that you thinking of impressing your crush?

You Can Use These Strategies To Impress Your Crush In No Time

Ask flirty truth or dare questions and see how it goes if you confidently have already gotten a positive response. Tell them that you are working extremely hard for them.

The steps are below if you didn’t or are uncomfortable doing it. Remember that if you don’t feel confident when you act, you won’t be able to finish any of the steps.

We are sure that if you meet someone with an attention-grabbing personality, your crush will most likely give you some thought.

1. Getting to know them.

This is all where the game begins. You need to find out your adorer’s interest by talking to people who know that one very well. It is the best way to find keywords of what things you need to do in their presence so at least they notice you.

2. Take care of how you present yourself.

We know what you are thinking. It’s not about the looks; but how you are keeping yourself groomed. For instance, iron clothes, shoes polished, a watch on the left wrist, and your hair has done. Trust us, keeping yourself neat can increase the chances of your crush looking at you.

3. Ask directly; for being friends at the moment.

Possibilities are that your crush must be from your school or neighbor. Gather the courage, walk to them and tell them that you found them interesting and make it clear that you want to be their friend. It won’t make them think that you are a creep or try hitting on them.

4.  Making them feel safe

If you think that is easy, in your dreams. It is not easy for any person to trust others. The trust-building process takes time, but you can increase the speed by reassuring them about your friendship and telling them how much they mean to you.

Trust and being liked back; are possibilities.

5.  Being humorous

Yes, you read that correctly. People generally want to be with someone fun. Anybody would love someone who acts like a cute innocent kid by making funny faces, cracking jokes, and doing all the silly stuff. When your crush realizes how you can make them laugh, they will feel attracted to you.

6.  Plan going out

Now that you are friends: you should surely hang out together and try new things. Ask your crush about their favorite food or activity they were willing to do, and make plans according. For instance, if the person you admire chooses food, you both can create a list of restaurants as a to-do list every weekend. This way, you get all of their weekends.

7.   Avoid making it up.

Be yourself. Do not try to change anything about yourself. Remember that no matter how much you try to keep up the act, the real you will reflect at some point. When you love yourself, others will love you too? So as your crush.

Do not get confused between putting extra work on yourself and doing something you are not comfortable with for the sake of others.

Final thoughts

At some point in our lives, we all like someone. We make an effort to appear better around them. You try to adapt the little things about them you got to know, so they’ll notice you. We all have been through this. Introverts lack empathy. They lack the confidence to even look at their crush face to face. They can use the suggestions above to feel more attractive to others. They might start to like you as a result of following the tricks properly.

How did you impress your crush?

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